The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

were done with U island finaly

so as we all know people have been floting in and out of the univerce so for once we hade people in the univierce fighting.
Part I: SO Bar Barik was walking as some people in his party disapeard, namly Wheat,Snake in the Grass and Hittneck, and oppon nodiceing this Bar desided to head out on his own. So he sent Perufigus to cheak for traps and little did he know that their were infact four traps so after being mutilated by a wall syth he refused to go any further leaving Good old Bar to brave the poison darts and needles and spells in order to find a fog filled room with a glowing light on one side of it. The light went out and after Wheat showed up only to do no damage. It soon got a dubble critical succes which in D&D terms meant instant kill against Bar, but instaid he just became the first of many converts to the cult of the wil-o-wisp. They then left and pelged that they would free the Will-o-wisp because its to fucking strong for a CR 6. Anyway they then move onward to water logged room. Wheat being a god-sent took it opon him self to seperate the “seas.” They crossed the now dry middle only to be draind of life by wraiths, yes wriaths and instead of running and coming back more prepared they desided to stay and they soon both were at 2 CON each after of course Bar used Rage which puts him at an actual score of 0 CON I.E. dead. Any way the Wraith got another hit on Bar giveing him a 1/6 chance of living and as I expained to him tha the was dieing the wraith got a 1 making it so Bar was still alive and I had to eat my own words.They also deside to fight some salamanders at the same time slowly killing the tank of a dwarf. However with clever thinking and a good spellcraft check Wheat raised the water level to over the salamanders causeing them to take damage. they then left the dead beasts to find mushrooms to heal Bar of his soon to be negative Con score they all rolled anmd failed luckely Perufigus knew all about muchroomes and soon concockted a healing potion of CON.
The next day atfer fully healing them selves they went down the stairs or rather lader to find a tiny Beholder who didn’t like to be touched. they fought through him and then through an invisible stalker that was invisible, and then a pair of very shifty Phase Spiders. PUN. then came the spell trap the one thing they lost to last time forutnant ly they goot out just as it shot a fire ball at them which hit the door and they were safe.they soon found their way to the vampire they so eagerly wished to kill. Wheat nearly killed him and weekend he fled, not with out giving a going away present. Two ettin skelletons attacked them one from each side.soon however they were nothing but blisters on the floor. though BAR was able to smash one of their weapons in to bits befor the batle began.

Part II:SO as Patricio and Perufigus waited for Bar and Wheat they heard a noise and that noise was Snake in the Grass he had just stepped out of a black ominous achway in the wall that no one payed any attention to. Anyway they also whet twards the Will-o-wisp’s room were Snake took a beating from some traps. most of which were poisond. when they met the will-o-wisp they were like lets kill it but then they learndw it was to powerfull and Patricio convinsed it theat he had heard his master wrong and he didn’t want it to kill people just occupy them. SO with that out of the way they contiued to down to find the vampire. they didn’t see any monsters for quite a wile. but after they went down the trap door they found a dead Behoder that Snake desided made a good boot. It did not. Anyhow no sooner had the found it they opend more doors so as to make mor monsters apear. and apear they did. Two Carrion Crawlers were as the party bravle and valently deafeated them, NOT!!! first snake charged head longin to their midst& summoned his snake to keep them were they were. Then Patricio and Perufigus shot arrows at them and missed beacuse of the snake. Then Bar Barik showed up and also charged. The two crawlers then paralised the pair of tanks, also Patricio just randomly ran away. Anyway then Perufigus Managed to not hit them four times and then the snake killed one of them and then the other. Yes the snake is the only one that can kill a Carrion Crawler. They then went and some how found the lair of the vampire and Snake just happend to sneak past a line of people that were looking right at him. Bar and Snake then inhaled and the vampires died, well only one of them the rest died the normal way. Later they found the real vampire just walts in to his lair and they, instead of attacking him greeted him. Wereas Patricio managed to convince him he was dreaming and in real life he was king of everything, and the only way to wake up is to kill him self. And the vamp belived him. and died comiting Seppuk, ritual suisied. They then were like lets go to West Gate

The Lolz and Times of a Reptilian Plane

So as some may know the brave adventurersWheat and Hitnek were transported across a plain of existrans to a new one, Lagaria. One there they soon found things to kill in the form of a scouting team of Kobalds and Lizard Folk. After dispaching the encampment, the pair relized that a singal Lizard Folk and a singal Kobald left the sceen. They searched the camp and found that the Reptiles had psesed a SPEAR OF LIGHTNING and a _CROSSBOW OF LIGHTNING _which they haden’t used. They ignored this and set of for the nearist town. On the way they found a man and asked were they were, he told them but both of them forgot and they were to embarised to ask eachother so they dont actaly know. They got to the town fast but every one in the town seamed to be afraid of the tall guy with wings and his fish-face. They then morphed their forms to that of humans after which they were quickly becond in side of one of the houses. soon a Kobald showed up unanounced. Hitnek took this oprotunity to be a syco and shot the vermin after which the entire town freaked out and left. Our heroes, bafilled, left in the exact opposite direction and found their way in to a den of giant corocodiles. After skining the behemoths they returned to the townonly to find it burned. They then set off to folow the towns folk to were ever they fled to. On the road there however, bodies lay like foliage, everywere, and apon finding the next town they were quickly escorted to the temple of Raptor Jesus were the reptilians were praying mosk style. Their escort managed to get them down in to the prison however they refused to get in a cage and after they stole his key they blasted him with ….Fizz. in fact the spell did not work and reluctently they got in a cell then put the gaurd in the cell and freed the rest of the prisoners, who as it turns out were the last survivors form the town that had just been burnt.They team quicklt climbed the stairs only to find their resenly freed freinds now dead at the hand so a lizard folk. Hitnek, useing his idiot proof plan fire balled them, just like every thing else he encounters. They soon left and ran to the next town, unfoutanatly they were prevented by the pair of Flying corcodile riders, Mario and Wario. They dispached the riders and the mounts and headed back to the town. The two promtly redisgused them selves and son found that life was back to norman of these people. they began talking to a lizard folk gaurd and tried to convince him they were from a sky city. A gate appeared out of nowere and the two soon stepped though screaming, “we killed the messanger”.

Akwardly the gate lead nowere arnd the gaurd quickly found out they were not who they sayd they were so being the rash fish face he accused the lizard of being an imposter and soon every one was apon him tering him limb from limb. The pair soon left the town through a very odd looking gate, non-magic, but it was the only one with a porticule. the gates open for them , because they were in their lizard disguses amd they to be contiued

Empireal Baby Sitter is so a real thing

SO today we meet Snakeinthegrass a Styar who joined up with the group who thought that they were trying to bring Hitnnek to justis however such was not the plan and they acualy just wanted moneies from the regent. Though you were attacked by a bounty hunter you maneged to kill him vie Hitnek’s dick shooting fire! So as you brought him to the regent the party told a gaurd that the most wanted man in the country was going to be draged away and releced if they didn’t get to seee her right away. Now for all intencive purpuses they got the monies and the Patricio snuck off to find the Infant King. this was succesful because the stupidest gaurds in the world were told that he was the Empirial Baby Sitter and the then helped him escape with
Auzon V. The party then got the pesents to attack the regent because she “killed the King”. This also worked. They then whent to U island and fought an Umber Hulk which was dispatched in one blow by Patricio and you delt with a mummy and some vampire Spawns. OH yeah they also got the Regent to give them a guy to look in to killing a vampire that wants her dead. his name PerufigusPerufigus

Vampire Amung Us

After taking down the ghouls the team found an Eyes of the Egeal and gain the gift of better sight. They three walked in to a new roomwere thre skelitons waited. they attacked and after some battle Wheat was tranceported elsewere as Skim Milk took his place. the battle procided and more skelitons fired from atop platforms flaoting on air. Bar Barik took this opprotunity to use his slippers to good use andd climbed to the sealing and droped down on to the highest of platforms destroying the skeleton. They mealted bashed and crashed in the next few skeletons and eventualy found them selves near a trap door. the proceded down and Skim jumped down to meet what ever was there first. What they saw was nightmarish a mas of mouths and eyes the began speaking giberish. It took odd moves as though it was avoding somthing and attacked them with spittle. the players Charged it and fought bravly angest the mostroity. they defated it and as Hitnnek suggested they rest Skim open the next door, were waiting antusly were to Shadow Mastiffs They group felled one but the other was so frightening that Bar Barik ran away. As Hitnnek and Skim took on the last one it took down Skim and whilst Hitnnek atempted to kill it he his Skim insted and Skim Died. Te two other adveturs went on to find a pipe and went up the pipe to a meatel stopper Bar Barik smashed the stopper and salt water came rushing in to the doungeon, so th equick thinking pair opend all the doors to slow down the flood In doing so they found a hatch that open to a Submersible ship They then smashed through a wall that fell to seperat the from the last door and found keoghtom’s ointment and lost of gold. They whent through the door and found an enormus hole in the floor that had paltforms froating, near a few of the platforms were switches and on the middle platform was a sphere with four legs holding it up. the Ball opend on the top and shot out blue green energy that forsed Hitnnek to sleep the shot fire and lightning eventualy Bar Barik to was aslepp and they awoke hanging from chains naked. A vampire told them to assassinate one of the chortires of the king Auzon V. They latter were told of the History of Cormyr and found Patricios Wife and tolder her to stay in the City to wait for them for a little longer. They then Murdered a new lord close to the Kings Forest.

Pradice In the Pirate Ilse

SO as the Burrial sevice of orcs under took our players Set off for “C” Island, which was coverd mostly by a vast field of Grass souronding a dence forest. The players folowed a mouning sound after looking for a Great Magical weapon siad to be on the island. The soucre of said mouning hapend to be Zombies. Wheat and Hitnnek quickly despached the zombies with their magical abilities wilst Bar-Barik moved twards them. Meanwhile, On another Island Were Skim found out a Trog pirate hidout and after a quick bout with the captain he went looking for Drugs. Back with the main Party Bar-Barik and co. found a cave and explored it Finding that it hide yet again more Zombies. They couk them out and fled to the next room only to find an Ettercap and two Chokers Howeveer the trio was no match and were defeated. Later, the found a hall way set with many traps and used the corpses to triger them safly. In a new room they found a switch and a chest not knowing what elce to do they were atacked by Gargoyles but destoyeed them with only a few hits. Bar-Barik used the leg on which he was on to run around the gaping hole that the lack of brige presented and found him self rung up a walll to the other side. their he foung Gold and Slipers of Spiderclimb. They then fliked the switch and oddly enutgh nothing happend. They then proseded throught the dungeon to find a Water filled room with Lacadons fortunatly they killed them swiftly.

The Bar Tender, The G & The Vamire Spawn

Bar-Barik, having left with Patrisio to Thesk, found quite the interesting bar tender Being of 8th level. He was killed though, and his posetions were taken, as was his ale. Bar prosided with his crew to the rondavue point and found the group which left the next morning. They found them selves going twards a “G” shaped island. There they found a beached boat containing a full crew claiming suppremicy of the island. The team promptly destroyed the boat and crew exept for a dwarven Cleric which is now part of the crew of Bar-Barik. They then whent out in search parties to find anything. Skim, looking for drugs found instead Vampire Spawns, which killed two of his orcs, meaning that a vampire lives on the island. Bar Barik to found Spwans killing them swifly and with no loss of crew. Hetynik (aka Kenith) found an invisible advisary also on the island after finding his way back to the group. It nearly killed him but he managed to kill it now revaling it to be an Invisible Stalker. The group now ponders what to do next and how they will defeat such a powerful of foes.


SO as every one else has started a slave revolt, the Fishface went and killed things. HE managed a 20 on local knowlege and went north to a Thayan navel bace, only to go around it, find the gate, and kill some gaurds. After Somoning a bear he walzed on in by geting another 20 on move silently. He found a bout of his liking and took it for a spin. Suprisingly he found the rest of the geoup heading north, going to Pyarados in Thay, and as he puled up to the docks he saw them sailing away triumphantly in their brand new boats. They then whent east and found some Scrags and Skim thinking they were just normal Trolls had them drown them selves with a power he didnt know he had. After wards Patricio decided to split up so he can get his weapon, and Wheat can get his. SO folwing Wheat and pals they made it to Uthmere taking only 29 long days. Skim dissatisfiyed with hid drug problem went to find some more and ended up stealing 10 GP from a guy who thinks his shack is a hoval, after he went to get some horses so they could go to Bezentil, a trading post that Wheat was told would sell foot bows. 5 days later they found the post and a caravan, which they convince the owner to give them free stuff. Also Wheat discovered an old man with a frail body, but thanks to Skim he thinks he is fat, and a ring. He proclaimed that the ring was evil and that Wheat was destand to dystroy it. They then went to Clymph Tower were Raptorans happily sold Wheat a Foot Bow. Then 5 days later they found them selves back in Uthmere but quickly went to the meeting place were they were to meet Patricio in Dilpur. It was their we SKim took his first dose of Dreammist and desided it was a good idea to find more and went to theBottle and Blade Speakeasy and found more Dreammist as well as prostatuts and gamblers.
In addition Wheat and Fishface went and got the Ring Identified by a wizard, who began speaing in a raspy voice. Now they know some of the Proficy of the Ring.

the pyramid
Pyramed campain

Oh what a dreadfull and heart stabing place. They party is still stuck in the pyramed and after some “agressive nagociations” their drangon friend let them turn him in to a draco zombie. With thier new found friend they trio sets of to find that the Snow elves belive that Zarak Obama is alove but can no longer talk and can telapathicly tell the party cleric what it thinks. The then discover a maze that deals them damage and in it, Ghosts! Witch parish easaly. Then in their new room they find them selves atttacked by Shadows. Oh how terrible! They swiftly kill them off and go on thier marry way only to find the Shadow of Karavacos, which dies in an inferno. The party then manages yet again to attack somthing they shouldent and three shambleing mounds and a styar all die. Now who knows what waits for the characters in the teritory if the Arborians.

Slaves,drugs,pioson,nipplestabing and more

Today or rather,over the past 10 days in game time, we maneged alot. You found a letter from the above post. You killed three scorpians. Used an army vesile to crosss to the capital of Skuld. From their use convinced a drow to bring you to Pyarados were the party maneged to lie their way in to a slave emporium after which Bar-barik freed the dwarves anousing the “Zwerg Rush” witch in german means dwarf. after convincing the many slaves and a few solders to join your cause you stole boats of stuff as well as pison drugs and weapons. Now Skim has a longship full of poison and Drugs Baar barik has a dwarf clan of slaves, Wheat has a sailing ship of random people, and Patricio can now call him self a admeral because he has four ships under his comand. just wait until kennith comes back.

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