The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

Empireal Baby Sitter is so a real thing

SO today we meet Snakeinthegrass a Styar who joined up with the group who thought that they were trying to bring Hitnnek to justis however such was not the plan and they acualy just wanted moneies from the regent. Though you were attacked by a bounty hunter you maneged to kill him vie Hitnek’s dick shooting fire! So as you brought him to the regent the party told a gaurd that the most wanted man in the country was going to be draged away and releced if they didn’t get to seee her right away. Now for all intencive purpuses they got the monies and the Patricio snuck off to find the Infant King. this was succesful because the stupidest gaurds in the world were told that he was the Empirial Baby Sitter and the then helped him escape with
Auzon V. The party then got the pesents to attack the regent because she “killed the King”. This also worked. They then whent to U island and fought an Umber Hulk which was dispatched in one blow by Patricio and you delt with a mummy and some vampire Spawns. OH yeah they also got the Regent to give them a guy to look in to killing a vampire that wants her dead. his name PerufigusPerufigus



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