The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine


SO as every one else has started a slave revolt, the Fishface went and killed things. HE managed a 20 on local knowlege and went north to a Thayan navel bace, only to go around it, find the gate, and kill some gaurds. After Somoning a bear he walzed on in by geting another 20 on move silently. He found a bout of his liking and took it for a spin. Suprisingly he found the rest of the geoup heading north, going to Pyarados in Thay, and as he puled up to the docks he saw them sailing away triumphantly in their brand new boats. They then whent east and found some Scrags and Skim thinking they were just normal Trolls had them drown them selves with a power he didnt know he had. After wards Patricio decided to split up so he can get his weapon, and Wheat can get his. SO folwing Wheat and pals they made it to Uthmere taking only 29 long days. Skim dissatisfiyed with hid drug problem went to find some more and ended up stealing 10 GP from a guy who thinks his shack is a hoval, after he went to get some horses so they could go to Bezentil, a trading post that Wheat was told would sell foot bows. 5 days later they found the post and a caravan, which they convince the owner to give them free stuff. Also Wheat discovered an old man with a frail body, but thanks to Skim he thinks he is fat, and a ring. He proclaimed that the ring was evil and that Wheat was destand to dystroy it. They then went to Clymph Tower were Raptorans happily sold Wheat a Foot Bow. Then 5 days later they found them selves back in Uthmere but quickly went to the meeting place were they were to meet Patricio in Dilpur. It was their we SKim took his first dose of Dreammist and desided it was a good idea to find more and went to theBottle and Blade Speakeasy and found more Dreammist as well as prostatuts and gamblers.
In addition Wheat and Fishface went and got the Ring Identified by a wizard, who began speaing in a raspy voice. Now they know some of the Proficy of the Ring.



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