The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

Pradice In the Pirate Ilse

SO as the Burrial sevice of orcs under took our players Set off for “C” Island, which was coverd mostly by a vast field of Grass souronding a dence forest. The players folowed a mouning sound after looking for a Great Magical weapon siad to be on the island. The soucre of said mouning hapend to be Zombies. Wheat and Hitnnek quickly despached the zombies with their magical abilities wilst Bar-Barik moved twards them. Meanwhile, On another Island Were Skim found out a Trog pirate hidout and after a quick bout with the captain he went looking for Drugs. Back with the main Party Bar-Barik and co. found a cave and explored it Finding that it hide yet again more Zombies. They couk them out and fled to the next room only to find an Ettercap and two Chokers Howeveer the trio was no match and were defeated. Later, the found a hall way set with many traps and used the corpses to triger them safly. In a new room they found a switch and a chest not knowing what elce to do they were atacked by Gargoyles but destoyeed them with only a few hits. Bar-Barik used the leg on which he was on to run around the gaping hole that the lack of brige presented and found him self rung up a walll to the other side. their he foung Gold and Slipers of Spiderclimb. They then fliked the switch and oddly enutgh nothing happend. They then proseded throught the dungeon to find a Water filled room with Lacadons fortunatly they killed them swiftly.



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