The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

Slaves,drugs,pioson,nipplestabing and more

Today or rather,over the past 10 days in game time, we maneged alot. You found a letter from the above post. You killed three scorpians. Used an army vesile to crosss to the capital of Skuld. From their use convinced a drow to bring you to Pyarados were the party maneged to lie their way in to a slave emporium after which Bar-barik freed the dwarves anousing the “Zwerg Rush” witch in german means dwarf. after convincing the many slaves and a few solders to join your cause you stole boats of stuff as well as pison drugs and weapons. Now Skim has a longship full of poison and Drugs Baar barik has a dwarf clan of slaves, Wheat has a sailing ship of random people, and Patricio can now call him self a admeral because he has four ships under his comand. just wait until kennith comes back.



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