The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

The Bar Tender, The G & The Vamire Spawn

Bar-Barik, having left with Patrisio to Thesk, found quite the interesting bar tender Being of 8th level. He was killed though, and his posetions were taken, as was his ale. Bar prosided with his crew to the rondavue point and found the group which left the next morning. They found them selves going twards a “G” shaped island. There they found a beached boat containing a full crew claiming suppremicy of the island. The team promptly destroyed the boat and crew exept for a dwarven Cleric which is now part of the crew of Bar-Barik. They then whent out in search parties to find anything. Skim, looking for drugs found instead Vampire Spawns, which killed two of his orcs, meaning that a vampire lives on the island. Bar Barik to found Spwans killing them swifly and with no loss of crew. Hetynik (aka Kenith) found an invisible advisary also on the island after finding his way back to the group. It nearly killed him but he managed to kill it now revaling it to be an Invisible Stalker. The group now ponders what to do next and how they will defeat such a powerful of foes.



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