The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

The Lolz and Times of a Reptilian Plane

So as some may know the brave adventurersWheat and Hitnek were transported across a plain of existrans to a new one, Lagaria. One there they soon found things to kill in the form of a scouting team of Kobalds and Lizard Folk. After dispaching the encampment, the pair relized that a singal Lizard Folk and a singal Kobald left the sceen. They searched the camp and found that the Reptiles had psesed a SPEAR OF LIGHTNING and a _CROSSBOW OF LIGHTNING _which they haden’t used. They ignored this and set of for the nearist town. On the way they found a man and asked were they were, he told them but both of them forgot and they were to embarised to ask eachother so they dont actaly know. They got to the town fast but every one in the town seamed to be afraid of the tall guy with wings and his fish-face. They then morphed their forms to that of humans after which they were quickly becond in side of one of the houses. soon a Kobald showed up unanounced. Hitnek took this oprotunity to be a syco and shot the vermin after which the entire town freaked out and left. Our heroes, bafilled, left in the exact opposite direction and found their way in to a den of giant corocodiles. After skining the behemoths they returned to the townonly to find it burned. They then set off to folow the towns folk to were ever they fled to. On the road there however, bodies lay like foliage, everywere, and apon finding the next town they were quickly escorted to the temple of Raptor Jesus were the reptilians were praying mosk style. Their escort managed to get them down in to the prison however they refused to get in a cage and after they stole his key they blasted him with ….Fizz. in fact the spell did not work and reluctently they got in a cell then put the gaurd in the cell and freed the rest of the prisoners, who as it turns out were the last survivors form the town that had just been burnt.They team quicklt climbed the stairs only to find their resenly freed freinds now dead at the hand so a lizard folk. Hitnek, useing his idiot proof plan fire balled them, just like every thing else he encounters. They soon left and ran to the next town, unfoutanatly they were prevented by the pair of Flying corcodile riders, Mario and Wario. They dispached the riders and the mounts and headed back to the town. The two promtly redisgused them selves and son found that life was back to norman of these people. they began talking to a lizard folk gaurd and tried to convince him they were from a sky city. A gate appeared out of nowere and the two soon stepped though screaming, “we killed the messanger”.

Akwardly the gate lead nowere arnd the gaurd quickly found out they were not who they sayd they were so being the rash fish face he accused the lizard of being an imposter and soon every one was apon him tering him limb from limb. The pair soon left the town through a very odd looking gate, non-magic, but it was the only one with a porticule. the gates open for them , because they were in their lizard disguses amd they to be contiued



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