The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

the pyramid

Pyramed campain

Oh what a dreadfull and heart stabing place. They party is still stuck in the pyramed and after some “agressive nagociations” their drangon friend let them turn him in to a draco zombie. With thier new found friend they trio sets of to find that the Snow elves belive that Zarak Obama is alove but can no longer talk and can telapathicly tell the party cleric what it thinks. The then discover a maze that deals them damage and in it, Ghosts! Witch parish easaly. Then in their new room they find them selves atttacked by Shadows. Oh how terrible! They swiftly kill them off and go on thier marry way only to find the Shadow of Karavacos, which dies in an inferno. The party then manages yet again to attack somthing they shouldent and three shambleing mounds and a styar all die. Now who knows what waits for the characters in the teritory if the Arborians.



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