The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

Vampire Amung Us

After taking down the ghouls the team found an Eyes of the Egeal and gain the gift of better sight. They three walked in to a new roomwere thre skelitons waited. they attacked and after some battle Wheat was tranceported elsewere as Skim Milk took his place. the battle procided and more skelitons fired from atop platforms flaoting on air. Bar Barik took this opprotunity to use his slippers to good use andd climbed to the sealing and droped down on to the highest of platforms destroying the skeleton. They mealted bashed and crashed in the next few skeletons and eventualy found them selves near a trap door. the proceded down and Skim jumped down to meet what ever was there first. What they saw was nightmarish a mas of mouths and eyes the began speaking giberish. It took odd moves as though it was avoding somthing and attacked them with spittle. the players Charged it and fought bravly angest the mostroity. they defated it and as Hitnnek suggested they rest Skim open the next door, were waiting antusly were to Shadow Mastiffs They group felled one but the other was so frightening that Bar Barik ran away. As Hitnnek and Skim took on the last one it took down Skim and whilst Hitnnek atempted to kill it he his Skim insted and Skim Died. Te two other adveturs went on to find a pipe and went up the pipe to a meatel stopper Bar Barik smashed the stopper and salt water came rushing in to the doungeon, so th equick thinking pair opend all the doors to slow down the flood In doing so they found a hatch that open to a Submersible ship They then smashed through a wall that fell to seperat the from the last door and found keoghtom’s ointment and lost of gold. They whent through the door and found an enormus hole in the floor that had paltforms froating, near a few of the platforms were switches and on the middle platform was a sphere with four legs holding it up. the Ball opend on the top and shot out blue green energy that forsed Hitnnek to sleep the shot fire and lightning eventualy Bar Barik to was aslepp and they awoke hanging from chains naked. A vampire told them to assassinate one of the chortires of the king Auzon V. They latter were told of the History of Cormyr and found Patricios Wife and tolder her to stay in the City to wait for them for a little longer. They then Murdered a new lord close to the Kings Forest.



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