The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

were done with U island finaly

so as we all know people have been floting in and out of the univerce so for once we hade people in the univierce fighting.
Part I: SO Bar Barik was walking as some people in his party disapeard, namly Wheat,Snake in the Grass and Hittneck, and oppon nodiceing this Bar desided to head out on his own. So he sent Perufigus to cheak for traps and little did he know that their were infact four traps so after being mutilated by a wall syth he refused to go any further leaving Good old Bar to brave the poison darts and needles and spells in order to find a fog filled room with a glowing light on one side of it. The light went out and after Wheat showed up only to do no damage. It soon got a dubble critical succes which in D&D terms meant instant kill against Bar, but instaid he just became the first of many converts to the cult of the wil-o-wisp. They then left and pelged that they would free the Will-o-wisp because its to fucking strong for a CR 6. Anyway they then move onward to water logged room. Wheat being a god-sent took it opon him self to seperate the “seas.” They crossed the now dry middle only to be draind of life by wraiths, yes wriaths and instead of running and coming back more prepared they desided to stay and they soon both were at 2 CON each after of course Bar used Rage which puts him at an actual score of 0 CON I.E. dead. Any way the Wraith got another hit on Bar giveing him a 1/6 chance of living and as I expained to him tha the was dieing the wraith got a 1 making it so Bar was still alive and I had to eat my own words.They also deside to fight some salamanders at the same time slowly killing the tank of a dwarf. However with clever thinking and a good spellcraft check Wheat raised the water level to over the salamanders causeing them to take damage. they then left the dead beasts to find mushrooms to heal Bar of his soon to be negative Con score they all rolled anmd failed luckely Perufigus knew all about muchroomes and soon concockted a healing potion of CON.
The next day atfer fully healing them selves they went down the stairs or rather lader to find a tiny Beholder who didn’t like to be touched. they fought through him and then through an invisible stalker that was invisible, and then a pair of very shifty Phase Spiders. PUN. then came the spell trap the one thing they lost to last time forutnant ly they goot out just as it shot a fire ball at them which hit the door and they were safe.they soon found their way to the vampire they so eagerly wished to kill. Wheat nearly killed him and weekend he fled, not with out giving a going away present. Two ettin skelletons attacked them one from each side.soon however they were nothing but blisters on the floor. though BAR was able to smash one of their weapons in to bits befor the batle began.

Part II:SO as Patricio and Perufigus waited for Bar and Wheat they heard a noise and that noise was Snake in the Grass he had just stepped out of a black ominous achway in the wall that no one payed any attention to. Anyway they also whet twards the Will-o-wisp’s room were Snake took a beating from some traps. most of which were poisond. when they met the will-o-wisp they were like lets kill it but then they learndw it was to powerfull and Patricio convinsed it theat he had heard his master wrong and he didn’t want it to kill people just occupy them. SO with that out of the way they contiued to down to find the vampire. they didn’t see any monsters for quite a wile. but after they went down the trap door they found a dead Behoder that Snake desided made a good boot. It did not. Anyhow no sooner had the found it they opend more doors so as to make mor monsters apear. and apear they did. Two Carrion Crawlers were as the party bravle and valently deafeated them, NOT!!! first snake charged head longin to their midst& summoned his snake to keep them were they were. Then Patricio and Perufigus shot arrows at them and missed beacuse of the snake. Then Bar Barik showed up and also charged. The two crawlers then paralised the pair of tanks, also Patricio just randomly ran away. Anyway then Perufigus Managed to not hit them four times and then the snake killed one of them and then the other. Yes the snake is the only one that can kill a Carrion Crawler. They then went and some how found the lair of the vampire and Snake just happend to sneak past a line of people that were looking right at him. Bar and Snake then inhaled and the vampires died, well only one of them the rest died the normal way. Later they found the real vampire just walts in to his lair and they, instead of attacking him greeted him. Wereas Patricio managed to convince him he was dreaming and in real life he was king of everything, and the only way to wake up is to kill him self. And the vamp belived him. and died comiting Seppuk, ritual suisied. They then were like lets go to West Gate



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