So for thoughs of you who dont know my World have hiden things in it. One of which is the Fucking contenent of Faerun. Unfortunantly this is temperary because Fearun uses a vastly different Panthoin system were gods die frecuently the actual contenent is no longer there cause im to lazy to change the campian worlds gods. Well any way they travled form one world to another and ended up in Faerun in prosute of the nobles from one of the Gnome rulers. The players Fly in an air ship to find them selves in Chult. They fly over and drop Lance the parties ranger of the side, he lives but leaves the campain. They then find the master of the Raptoran and go on an exploring mission for him and bring him north to the shades were the centar dies and they find a drow in the cargo hold. They then go to Cormyr. Theior they help a captian of the gaurd kill his orc son and then kill the captian Gaining a Bounty. they then flee to unther and help the Mulhorand armies kill the remaning resistance. Now the campain starts anew.

Now that Ive stopped doing this campain, or at least halted it temporarily,I have decided that I am going to add a secod campain in to this one

The Forgoten relms Novickated & the relms of malsine

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